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Emmett has been writing longer than he can remember, his work often focused on intimate, personal stories. After graduating from Milwaukee High School of the Arts, he went on to attend New York University's prestigious Tisch School of the Arts, where he studied Film and Television Production with a focus on writing and directing. Since transitioning, he has found a newfound love and appreciation for being in front of the camera and being visible as his authentic self.


BROTHERS (Digital Series)

Critically-acclaimed and award-winning narrative series that follows Jack and his group of trans guy friends. 


Zone Six (Feature Screenplay)

Preparing for the biggest storm the world has ever seen, an isolated survivalist with memory trauma realizes she can't take it on alone.


Finding Masculinity (Book)

Finding Masculinity is a collection of stories from a small cross section of the transgender male community that share insight into the diversity of life experiences of trans men, beyond the traditional narrative.